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Frequent Asked Questions



Joining Art Dealer Street


Who can join Art Dealer Street to sell artworks?

Every artist is welcome on Art Dealer Street! His/Her profile will appear on the platform after an identification and evaluation process that we pursue for all received application.

We do not make exclusions in terms of origins, stile and medium, we value diversity a lot in order to offer the widest and most diverse artworks variety.

Are you interested in being part of art dealer street? submit your application here.


Why should I sell through Art Dealer Street?

Art Dealer Street represents an easy, fun, and reliable way to exhibit your art to a global audience of art lovers and collectors. You will gain visibility and you will be part of a great community of creatives just like you!

Moreover, you will always be assisted by our team, especially in pre and post-sales phases, as well as in every moment of your experience in Art Dealer Street.


How can I create an artist account?

To create an artist account, first you have to submit your application here or in the home page by clicking on “Artist registration”.

Once you have answered all questions, you will receive an e-mail that will tell you how to create your account.



Start selling


What do I need to place my works in the marketplace?

To put a work on our marketplace, artists should first provide some information about themselves, in particular:

  • Name and stage name;

  • An updated biography;

  • An artist statement.

Furthermore, artists also need to upload high-quality photos of their artworks. In particular, the picture must be an high quality JPEG file (at least 1200 pixels x 1500 pixel).

It is always better to provide more than one picture, possibly showing details and an installation view of the work.

Every artworks that is featured on a artists’ page, must also be accompanied with the following details:

  • Artwork title;

  • Year of production;

  • Medium description;

  • Dimensions;

  • Price;

  • Artwork description.


How are artworks on sale selected?

It is the artist who selects the work to put on sale, we provide them with total freedom about it. However, in case of uncertainty about a work's authenticity and quality, it could happen that some works need further investigations and could be temporarily, or even permanently, removed from the marketplace. 


Who is in charge for setting prices on my works?

It is the artists who decides the price of his/her works. The selection of a specific price must always be justified by the following elements:

  • Number of previous sales;

  • The typology and the cost of the medium and materials used;

  • The process that creating the work implies;

  • Dimension of the work.


Will my sales be charged with a commission?

Art Dealer Street charges a commission of 35% on artworks sales, which is applied on the total artwork price.

In case of discounts applied by Art Dealer street, the commission amount remains unchanged and will be calculated on the discounted price proposed.



Shipping artworks


What should I do after that one of my works gets sold?

After a work gets sold, the artist is notified with an email confirming the sale. The artists duties that follows the conclusion of a sale are:

  • Packing and preparing the work for shipping;

  • Producing the certificate of authenticity, which must be delivered together with the work;

  • Notify our team that the work is ready for shipping.

Please note that all artworks are shipped from the artist’ location, even though the artist is not responsible for shipping costs, but for packing material costs only.

After that, our team will schedule the work pick-up and the artist will be provided with all necessary information (e.g. date of artwork pick-up, name of the courier company, packing labels and shipping documents required).


How much time do I have for shipping an artwork?

Artworks are usually shipped within one week after the conclusion of the sale. This is the time range that artists must respect in order to prepare sold works for shipping. Once the work is ready, the artist should notify our team, who will be in charge of organizing further steps.


Who is in charge for shipping costs?

Artwork’ shipping is paid by the buyer, while the artist must only bear packing-related costs.


Who is in charge for shipping insurance?

Art Dealer Street is responsible for managing the shipping phase, thus it will covers insurance costs.







First Steps on Art Dealer Street


What is Art Dealer Street?
Art Dealer Street is an all-in-one platform offering a wide range of high quality works, coming directly from artists' studio and issued with certificates of authenticity.
We empower artists from all over the world by offering them a place where to showcase their works, while putting them in contact with a global network of people who are passionate about art.
Furthermore, Art Dealer Street provides users with the possibility of buying the art in the easiest and most effective way possible. We collaborate with lots of talented artists as well as trusted couriers, which contributes to the creation of a unique and satisfying customer experience.

How can I create an account for purchasing artworks?
To create your customer account, you can click on the “Log in button” located in upper-right part of the home page.
In the next page that appears to you, you have to click on “New Customer? Create an account”.
Then, fill the form with your personal data and select a password that you will use to access the next times.
Once you have completed this step, your account will be automatically created and you will also receive a notification email that will confirm your registration.

Start collecting


How can I search for an artist am I interested in?
If you have a specific artist in mind and you want to see if he/she is featured on Art Dealer Street, you can type the artist name in the box placed at the top of our home page.
Otherwise, you can also click on the “Artists” voice from the menu, and search for the one you are interested in.
If you are not able to find what you where looking for yet, notify us! We would love to take care of your requirements.

Can I receive assistance in the artworks selection process?
Sure you can! The Art Dealer Street team is made of professional curators that will be glad to help you in the search of the perfect work! Also, do not forget to check our weekly suggestions on the collections curated by our experts.

How can I start purchasing works on Art Dealer Street?
On Art Dealer Street you can choose among a wide range of high-quality original artworks.
You can brows them in the “Artworks” section, where all available works are listed. This page is constantly updated and here you can also brows artworks by price, medium and style.
Also, you can search for some inspiration in the collection propose by our curators!
Once you have found the work of your dreams, simply add it to cart and conclude the payment by following the step suggested on the website.   

Are all works on Art Dealer Street original?
Yes, all artworks that are on sale on our marketplace are original and certified by the artist who produced them.


Do works come with a certificate of authenticity?
Yes, all artworks sold on Art Dealer Street comes with a certificate of authenticity produce by the artist. Also, some works might already be signed by the artist.  

Which methods of payments are accepted?
Here follows a list of all payments methods accepted on A
rt Dealer Street:

Is it possible to pay by instalments?
Yes it is! Just contact us to speak with a team member about it.

Can I reserve a work?
It is possible to reserve a work by submitting a formal request, which will be taken into consideration by our team member in charge.
To submit the request you should send us an email by filling our contact form, specifying:

  • “Artwork reservation request” in the message object;

  • The motivation of your request;

  • Information about the artwork you are interested in (artist name, title of the work);

  • Your personal contact information, i.e. e-mail and phone number so that we can easily reach you.

A staff member will contact you as soon as possible and, if your request is accepted, a specific time period for the reservation will be set.

Can I cancel an order after having paid for it?
Yes, you can. Please, note that all artworks are shipped within 7 days from the time the payment is made.
If the work has not been shipped, you can simply ask for cancelling your order and you will be provided with a refund.
However, if the artwork has already been shipped, you cannot cancel your order anymore, but you can opt for returning it within 10 days after you receive it.



Shipping & Returns


How are artworks shipped?
Artworks are shipped within 7 days after the purchasing date from the artist location.
The artist takes care of packing and securing the work. Packing methods change according to the artwork typology: works can be shipped in tubes, cardboard boxes and wood boxes.
Shipping is then managed by Art Dealer Street and assigned to trusted couriers who will deliver the work by the place you indicated in the purchase phase.


Where are artworks shipped from?
All artworks are shipped from the artists location.



How many days it takes to ship a work after that the payment is concluded?
Artwork shipping is concluded within 7 days from the time that the purchase is concluded.

Who is in charge for shipping costs?
Shipping costs are paid by the buyer, while the artist must bear packing-related costs and Art Dealer Street covers insurance-related costs.


How can I track the status of my order?
Once your order has been shipped, you will be notified with an email where you will find a tracking number that you can use to follow the path of your purchase.
Please note that the tracking code and method will be different according to the courier in charge for the shipping.


Are artworks covered by insurance during the shipping and delivery stages?
Yes, all artworks are covered by insurance until they are delivered to the buyer’s place.


How can I return an artwork that does not meet my expectations?
It could happen that a work is not has you imagined it, but don’t worry! You will have 10 days to inform us about your intention of returning the work, so that we can arrange the return process.
Once that the work will be delivered back to the artist, you will be refund by the amount corresponding to the price of the artwork (shipping costs excluded).
Please note that artworks must return to the artist’ place in the same condition as they were in origins.
The buyer asking for a return will bear the responsibility for packing the work, possibly using the same packaging provided by the artist.

What happens if the artwork present damages once delivered?
We strongly recommend to check the status of the work in the same moment of the delivery. As soon as you notice some damages in the artwork you received, please contact us immediately and provide us with visual proofs.
Our staff will evaluate the possibility of repairing the damages, or to simply ask you to return the work and provide you with a full refund. 


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