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Excellence in NY: JAPA

The Color of a New Age

Walking through the city of Florence can feel like being in a Renaissance painting. Italy’s art history capital harbors romantics looking to see what Botticelli saw, to stand by the Arno and watch the sun set, and to create magnificent art.

For Jacopo Degl'innocenti, or “JAPA”, it was slightly different. JAPA began his study of fine arts in Florence, but decided to move to the New York City in order to further his career. His art - vivacious, colorful, and vibrant - was different than the romantic artists of Florence. Japa created his own style; his works are fantastic and magical representations of society and human emotion.

JAPA’s art takes form in a variety of mediums: illustration, figurine sculptures, and animation. Each medium in their own way provoke a sense of innovation. His work presents common emotions and problems through an unconventional exhibition. A common motif that Japa utilizes is animalization - he depicts many of his characters with animal heads on their human bodies. Perhaps this speaks to the animalistic nature of humans deep within us all, or not at all, that perception is dependent upon the audience.

The avant-garde nature of JAPA’s art is what keeps people coming back for more. His work is refreshing and real. He combines realistic landscapes with fantastical characters all decorated with vivid colors. His illustrations, figures, and animations are thoughtfully arousing. Art is designed to summon thoughts, feelings, and debates; this is why JAPA’s work is important as well as excellent - he balances aesthetic and directive.

If you would like to see JAPA’s art for yourself, please visit his website here or see his page on Artsy. His works are also on permanent display at Gallerie Chiz in Pittsburgh, PA or in New York where he is currently living and working.

JAPA’s works will be exhibited at two upcoming events in NYC: the Italian Green Design in Chelsea (2-28 February), where he will show along with the works of famous artists such as Piero Manzoni, Maurizio Cattelan and Carla Accardi and Clio Art Fair (2-5 March), a very highly selective fair during NYC’s Armory week.

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