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The famous couple Jay z and Beyoncé known in tandem as the carters for extending their cone of silence all the way to the city of light, the first couple of American pop music brought their silence on the song writers, musicians, producers and technicians who helped them in completing the new album, “Everything Is Love”; they also got the mandarins of Paris’s largest museum to keep mum about their first single, whose video was shot in the galleries and the exterior plaza of the Musée du Louvre. The Louvre Museum is the world's largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris, France. A central landmark of the city, More than art, more than music what the cultural eminences of the city really love is gossip.

The release of the of new album of the famous couple has multiple of views only for the past six days, The video or the single “Apes**t” sees Beyoncé, Jay-Z and their dancers vamp on Pierre Paulin’s circular gray banquettes, drop verses in front of I.M. Pei’s entrance pyramid and squirm in formation in front of Jacques-Louis David’s gigantic “Coronation of Napoleon.” It’s a firecracker of a song — and, from an art critic’s perspective, more sophisticated and more genuine than their earlier forays into museums and galleries, such as Jay-Z’s dreary Marina Abramovic parody “Picasso Baby.”

The museum consist of many historical portraits which are exclusively expensive, some of the portraits like the monalisa which is considered as the greatest portrait of all the time and yet the carters are standing in front of it during their new video song. Some fans have exulted that only Queen Beyoncé has the cash the clout to privatize Europe’s grandest museum, there is nothing very rare about filming here.

The couple and their dancers also perform in front of the large scale paintings of the revolutionary and early imperial France in the long Grande Galerie, The carters presents themselves as both the outsiders in an elite institution and as heirs to it, as people excluded from its narratives but now possessors of it by virtue of their talent, their taste and, well, their money. Another scene of Beyoncé performing in front of David “the concentration of emperor napoleon and the coronation of Empress Josephine’s”. But here is the pair admirably let the art speak for itself.

Never the less in Fine Art women have been and are common subject for painters especially at the time when the Louvres was founded, but the carters are no jacobins. The cultural empowerment goes hand in hand with personal acquisitiveness. In the video of their new song best shots are shown, as Beyoncé and the dancers are going wild in the Louvre basement and topless men are jumping for the joy of the Sphinx. This creates a beautiful synchrony. The most amazing part of the video is where the art is revealed in the video and it creates beauty. The producers made the video real by choosing art as its background. The video was nicely done even without considering the music: art combined with the most famous couple was definitely a success!

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