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The Fashion of Art

Max Cui's Fashion Statement One Of A Kind

One cannot resist the beauty of soothing dreamy life size creatures placed parallelly with rich colors, draped around the models, these fashion art pieces would surely make you fall in love.

Well, you might have to hold on to your thought for another second before you try to guess if these are works of an artist or a fashion designer! Parsons graduate Max Cui, has a lot to offer to this world today. Max Cui truly nails at his professionally trained skills of fashion design, paintings and illustrations. Based in New York City, Max Cui has firmly rooted himself as a fashion designer and an artist.

One might be interested to know about Cui’s works from the perspective of a fashion designer and another from that of an artist and here we go, Max Cui creates his textile designs by developing his illustration drawings which he creates on paper. His thematic illustrations have so far been based on his day dream imagination. We would notice movement in his designs, if we look closely at the images of models draped in one of his pieces. This is because Cui chooses not to use static lines but instead, he uses wavy lines to create that dreamy effect. Cui's textile prints are more inclined towards three-dimensional quality.

One might wonder how Max Cui’s color usage is so striking? Well Cui is an artist as well who paints in oils on wall sized canvases and exhibits his paintings around the world. No doubt his color sense is so matured. Also, Cui's rendering style has often been compared to Romantic Grotesque. Talking about Cui's process of transferring illustrations into textile designs, it is one of the most intrinsic process as it pays off to the final look where Cui puts in a lot of hard work as he follows techniques such as handmade embroidery, fabric layering, screen-printing by hand and fabric quilting in a range of fashion styles, including quilted puffer vests and gauzy dresses.

Cui draws what he feels or imagines in a specific moment of time, working further on them he develops them as thematic illustrations. His fashion pieces have captured feelings and emotions which creates the very core content behind his works both as a fashion designer and as an artist. Wow! All this already makes Max Cui's fashion statement one of a kind, as he infuses emotions of an artist into his fashion clothing which makes them truly intense and high spirited. These dreamy illustrations remind us of Ralph Lauren when he said "I don't design clothes. I design dreams."




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