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"There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talk

How many times have you Googled your name?

And how often does your research frustrate you? Maybe you Google your name after a photo of you has been posted while you were making your entry into the most fabulous, international opening reception or a vernissage?

Why won't the internet pull up your expected result?

Simple: your SEO is not powerful enough through Google ranking, and the 'net is not talking about you. Not enough anyway, and I am afraid, it’s your fault.

During this time of endless over-communication and waves of information, it is more and more difficult to be talked about, to appear on the flood of the news, to snatch a minute of attention, to tell the world who we are and why should we be considered.

But wait. In the middle of the ocean, a little dove flies, and it’s name is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia: the most consulted encyclopedia of the world, the online omniscience. Wikipedia: the new virtual place to be found.

On October 2019, Wikipedia had been consulted 900 million times. Businesses can use Wikipedia to boost search engine results. Wikipedia is considered a high-authority site and having proper links from it to your website can help raise your own status on the web.

How do you get there? How do you create a Wikipedia page?

The process is simple. You sign-in to Wikipedia as a contributor and you start to write, upload images. You write and talk about you, about what you do, about your business - and then you wait for the page to be approved. You can be waiting up to one month, until other contributors send it back to you. They may send it back because something is missing, like external links. You see you are not quoted, even when you create your own Wikipedia page.

To be quoted on Wikipedia, the most important thing to have is notability. You need to have external links. If you want your page to exist, someone else must write about you. Unfortunately, appearing in a local newspaper or in a small blog is not enough; these mentions must be of a certain caliber. You also need verified citations, achievements - facts.

We came across many agencies to help you be found in the "Mount Olympus of the internet." These services can be compared to a press agency service: a group of writers at your service, who study your case, your work, your presence in the news, and understand if you can be added to Wikipedia, and appear in these searches.

Boulevard Voltaire ( is a new press agency, specialized in Wikipedia consulting and page creation. Once you reach out to them, their staff contacts you, they study your case, and, once both parties are in agreement, they create your own Wikipedia page.


Appearing on Wikipedia enhances your reputation and builds a solid image and the credibility of your business. The fact that your name is on it confirms your identity, helps you maintain your online reputation, and helps gain exposure and improve your business’ credibility in the never-ending competitive market.

Not having a Wikipedia page can give a potential customer a negative impression about your business. A lack of a Wikipedia page can suggest that your business is not very reliable.

Don’t forget: Google treats Wikipedia as a relevant and trusted source. Having a working link from Wikipedia can help you get an instant boost in SERP rankings.

Think about it, the next time you google yourself..

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