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Patricia Slosiar: Studies in Abstraction

On one’s first encounter with Patricia Slosiar’s work, the depth of color and movement transports the viewer to another world – both of the artist’s creation and your own. It is through Slosiar’s purposeful design in her exploration of ideas to embrace change, bringing the viewer along for the journey.

“Every creation has own mood. It is changing and that’s exactly how it's supposed to be.”

What is your relationship to abstraction?

It is something special. I imagine that is the world behind the dark blue curtain. Abstraction is the way how you can see your own reality in the way which is at the time the best reminder of yourself.

I gave the abstraction space to express itself as the greatest benefit for the world and bring more consciousness to this reality.

Violet, 21x28cm, Acrylic on paper

Can you explain the different styles found in your work?

Gladly! Every moment, every creation is different also it is the same author. For me it is different even more. I am using lot of styles, putting them together or use them when is right time for it. I love to change style because it is fresh, something new and unpredictable. It is always surprise. And what I love to do is listening what wants to come through my hands. Sometimes there are shapes, long movements with hands or short brush strokes. The works are different also because there is time when I am more playing with components and time when I am dancing, jumping and splashing colors. Every creation has own mood. It is changing and that’s exactly how it's supposed to be.

Travelling through ocean, 50x50cm, Acrylic & paper on canvas

How do you get ideas for your painting?

It’s coming spontaneously from me. I am asking for something beautiful to come and I’ll let myself be surprised. Later I see connection between my experiences, situations, places or people in my life and painting.

Do you use any other materials or mediums outside of acrylic paint?

Yes I do, however acrylic is dominant. I love to use oil pastel, stones, wood and paper.

Madonna, 100x150cm, Acryicl on canvas

What are you doing during quarantine to stay creative?

Quarantine does not affect my creativity. I am creative every single day. I love to create. In addition to painting I also write poems. Poetry is my another passion. I am writing about painting and painting about writing.

Desire, 100x100cm, Acrylic on canvas

What is your favorite part of being an artist? What is your least favourite part?

I do not have least favorite part. I love art and everything around it. I love to share with world what I am thinking , what the world needs to see and listen to. And also I love the whole process starting with buying materials, painting, packaging and meet collector. I love to see my art in galleries and people’s homes and feeling that my work has changed a person’s day.

Run the sun, 50x50x4cm, Acrylic on canvas

What is something you are currently working on?

New thoughts are coming to this world and brings more consciousness which will awake the truth essence of being. It will appear in my work very soon.

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