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The Energy of Love and Nature; Jacob Noteboom’s intuitive approach towards the planet and humans

The beauty of nature and emotions is something one cannot resist. Jacob likes the idea that his paintings deliver a message of peace, when he says “I believe my voice needs to be heard. Too long I have been silent. My message is about how beautiful this planet is and about the love we can and should share. In the end we are all one and the same.” Jacob’s paintings do not aim for any chaos or political scenario rather depicts the quality of rich paints where the colors themselves have a lot to say using the cool, warm and neutral colors corresponding to suitable titles such as Connectedness in Emotion, Amazing in black white and blue and Danish Blue.

Amazing black white and blue

Born in 1964 in Ennis Ireland, Jacob Noteboom is an expressionist abstract artist. He expresses deep seated visions and observations from the heart through his paintings. He uses shapes, lines and colors to depict his landscapes. What really inspires him is the nature and people around him. He uses his deep inner intuition as a subconscious guide to create abstract artworks. Talking about the process of painting, he captures personal stories in them. For him canvas is a platform where his subconscious and inspiration interact with one another to form a complete art piece. He constantly looks for new lines, shapes and surfaces through his intuition in order to create balance and harmony among the elements.

We notice a movement in Jacob’s paintings, the strokes look both calm and vigorous at the same time. This depicts his perception towards different elements of nature such as water, air, fire, earth and space, which can be well-understood when he says “This is a constant evolvement of shapes, lines and colors and are made in either absolute focus or by letting go of control over the composition which is an endless process”

While interacting with people around and understanding them, Jacob shares his believe that ultimately all humans are the same and what really connects them is love. He tries to inculcate such feelings onto his canvases. This is how Jacob explains his concept “It is my gift to listen to or tune into the energy of personal stories of the audience. I bring the stories into this world by painting them. My art meets people. It lets them contemplate and absorb the image and story.” He let the audience fully enjoy the paintings by letting them create their own interpretation and fantasy. This way he plans the titles which are easily relatable to every human. Jacob would be showing up very soon at the Breda Art Fair on 29 and 30 August 2020. Talking about his past exhibitions he has exhibited at the National Art Days in the year 2019 and 2018 held at Nieuwegein Beursgebouw. He has also exhibited a retrospective held at the town hall of Asten where he displayed his painting “In Beweging”. His painting “The Color field Performance” was exhibited at Sloten.

When Jacob says that his voice needs to be heard, he really wants people to understand and feel the real beauty of this planet. Maybe people have forgotten we all come from nature. Maybe if people try to take a pause from his present action and step out to just feel the nature and the real aesthetical beauty it has to offer. Beauty would ultimately lead to love and bliss, the pure essence of mind, body and soul!

The works of art, as the pictures of the works of art are made/taken by Jacob Noteboom. Jacob Noteboom holds the copyright.

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