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5 artworks from Clio Art Fair | NYC, May 18-21, 2023

Clio Art Fair May Edition is approaching, ready to showcase 80 independent artists from a wide range of backgrounds and styles.

As in every edition since its birth, Clio Art Fair aims to create an intimate and approachable environment where artists and collectors interact directly. Unlike traditional art fairs, each artist is given their own exhibition space to display their work.

Clio Art Fair has gained a reputation for being a supportive and welcoming environment for emerging artists, and has been praised for its inclusivity and diversity. The fair is known for showcasing independent and emerging artists who have yet to receive widespread recognition, and it has attracted a growing audience of art collectors, curators, and enthusiasts who are looking for something new and exciting in the contemporary art world.

Curious to find out what works of art you will find there? Here are 5 selected works from the upcoming edition that I hope will capture your attention.

1. Aurelio Bruni, Desecrating

An artwork that tells a journey through the history of Western art, which is questioned and reinvented.

A dazzling light, Caravaggio-inspired, extracts from the darkness a series of objects: a head of a classical statue, a canvas with a basket of fruit reminiscent of Flemish still lifes and at the same time, once again, a reference to Caravaggio; an egg, a necessary ingredient for ancient painting, broken above the statue's head, as a dare to tradition; a cutter that tells us about a new way of perceiving painting: the conceptual one, inaugurated by Lucio Fontana's cuts.

And if Clio Art Fair takes its name from the muse of History, Clio, this work can only be a perfect and provoking protagonist of it.

Aurelio Bruni, Desecrating, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

2. Monica Rich, Romanza

I am forging a painting language that my spiritual nature and my physical nature need to speak. The canvas becomes my muse and partner in a type of courtship take often takes on bold lusty moves and spins them into a delicate and nuanced dance.” – Monica Rich

The artist’s statement is perfect to understand the nature of her work, which highlights spirituality and movement as the two key principles. The brushstrokes move across the canvas as if on a dance floor, tracing movements and harmonies. The colors dart in a spiritual dance.

Monica Rich, Romanza, 2023. Courtesy of the artist

3. Sarah Ransohoff, Ying yang

A simple, ordinary interior of a living room, at night, empty. A suspended, dreamlike, surreal atmosphere, which seems alienating because of the strong light beyond the door. A contrast between light and dark, ying and yang, that makes suggestions of Magritte's famous work The Empire of Light, in the same way asking the viewer to question his own perception of what is in front of his eyes, apparently simple and evident but in fact mysterious and enigmatic.

Sarah Ransohoff, Ying yang, 2023. Courtesy of the artist

4. Fangyi Yang, Ceremony – The Land

Ceremony – The Land is an immersive, sensory installation that invites people to sense the land a little differently, by amplifying the microscopic view of the soil and recreating its smell and sound. The project is part of the Ceremony Planning series – an examination in honoring nature and human relationships with the earth, through collaborative language that builds the participants’ collective performance and de-centers the designers from the site. As we continue to invent more human-centered products, Ceremony Planning provides an open space for us to step back and reflect on our connection with the land, thus cultivating nature-centered behaviors. The goal is to transcend anthropocentrism and no longer view nature as an endless resource. The work aims to make us reflect on how we have created a world where we think and behave as if we are a separate self-entity. It’s important to take a step back and enter a state of reconnection to nature that will allows humans to learn to appreciate our senses and interrelation with nature.

Fangyi Yang, Ceremony – The Land, 2022. Courtesy of the artist

5. Daniel Patrick Helmstetter, Complexity of F

In a society that is dominated by images and seems to forget the depth of the written word, Daniel Patrick Helmstetter gives the latter a new dimension of visual immediacy. In his pieces, words becomes images and poetry takes the form of intimate fine art on one side and public installations on the other. That is why Daniel defines himself as “a poet with a paintbrush.”

In his pieces, the words invade the surfaces and catch our eyes; the block letters maintain the contrast between white and black typical of ink on paper, then reverse it. In this way, we cannot help but pay attention to what the artist strives to communicate to us.

Daniel Patrick Helmstetter, Complexity of F. Courtesy of the artist

Discover more about Clio Art Fair and its artists here


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