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5 Works of Art Perfect for Fall

Article by Caroline Haller

Maybe your walls are blank, and you need a perfect piece of art to fill them! Maybe all your walls are full, but you feel a fall change is in order.

Let me be your guide! I looked through our artworks at Art Dealer Street and picked out these five below! They are great options for the fall season to get you in the mood and to stay on trend!

Update your wall with these five works of art!

1. Blue, Red, Orange Horizons by Susanne Meier zu Eissen-Rau (2015)

Essien-Rau is a German Artist whose canvases capture dynamic movement and exist somewhere between abstraction and reality. Essien-Rau used acrylic, oil and wax to create this piece. The encaustic process, or melting wax on the canvas, brings the whole thing closer to nature and references an earthiness that signals fall. The deep maroon with pops of bright orange makes this a subtly fall picture.

2. The Eye of Nature is Alien and a Pirate Watching by Nluz Love

This digital print on paper was created by Spanish artist Nluz Love. If photographs are more your style, this colorful image of the leaves changing will help emulate fall throughout your home. Its whimsical title suggests there is more than meets the eye with this image.

3. Awaiting the Next Chapter by Adrian Sibley

American Artist Adrian Sibley hopes to delve into the subconscious with his abstracted images. The acrylic burgundy and gold splotches appear to float off the canvas like falling leaves from a previously green tree. Like the title suggests, fall typically brings on questions about change as metaphorically it represents the last chapter of a yearly book.

4. Morning Fog #4 by Eugenia Gorbacheva

Gorbacheva works as a watercolorist and a fashion designer. As I was driving to work this morning, fog encapsulated the road. The trees stood out only as blurry forms and the sun a golden disk, just like Gorbacheva’s watercolor. If cold mornings, with slight frost, is what speaks most to you about this time of year, then you need this artwork! Gorbacheva has several similar landscapes on Art Dealer Street. So, check them all out as they’d all be a perfect fit for fall into winter!

5. Apeja 2 by Khalid Balogun

Nigerian born, Balogun is a self-taught artist whose drawings are earing him recognition, such as a certificate at the National Gallery of Art in Lagos State. If color isn’t your thing, but you still want something to represent this time of year, then this black and white charcoal drawing is perfect for your wall. In the Yoruba language, Apeja refers to a fisherman. Balogun’s little figure can be seen off to the left midground. Perhaps the fisherman is hoping to catch a last few fish before winter.


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