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ART INDEX: Felipe Pantone

Yesterday, April 7th, an exhibition worthy of note opened at the Albertz Benda gallery. The solo show featured the work of Argentinian-Spanish artist, Felipe Pantone, and was entitled Felipe Pantone: Metallic Contact. This is the artist’s second show with the gallery, and it will be on view until the 14th of May.

Born in 1986, in Buenos Aires, Felipe Pantone is based in Valencia, Spain. His art is garnering more and more attention. He started out by doing graffiti at the age of 12 and went on to graduate from the Fine Art school of Valencia. His works deal with dynamism, transformation, and digital evolution. The themes that interest him are related to the problems the world is facing in these challenging times.

Subtractive Variability Circular 5, 2020, UV paint on PMMA, 200 cm diameter,

sold through Artsy by Galería RGR

Born in the analog age and having grown up within the rising spirit of the technologic world and the Internet, Felipe’s works have always displayed the duality of the analog past and the digital present. His work mainly explores how the displacement of the light spectrum impacts colors and repetition. Pantone is a multimedia artist. He has created art with the diverse materials and techniques, but his works always investigates the intersection between technology and fine art.

“Color only happens because of light, and light is the only reason why life happens,” Pantone says. "Light and color are the very essence of visual art. Thanks to television, computers, and modern lighting, our perception of light and color has changed completely.”

Subtractive Variability 1 #37, 2019, UV paint on aluminum composite panel, 170 × 120 cm,

sold through Artsy by Galería RGR

In his latest New York City exhibition, Pantone brings together the precision of high-tech manufacturing tools with the immediacy of spray paint and the direct intervention of his hand. With each body of work, the artist continues to develop his language of abstraction. He continuously addresses the intersection between technology and man. He fuses his interest in Op art and Kinetic art, encouraging viewers to reflect on their perception of space and movement.

“I grew up as a painter, trained as a painter, and now my biggest goal is to get clear of all the academic training and to be able to make art freely, with the tools that work best,” he says.

His art has been getting more and more attention in the last few years, as you can see from this chart. His art has been getting a lot of attention mostly in Europe. Particularly, he has gained attention in France. In Asia he has gained much attention in, Hong Kong. His works are available on Artsy. So, Americans, be sure to keep an eye out for this incredible emerging artist!

Chart showing the increasing number of sold lots in these past years (©


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