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Confess Your Dreams: Artistic Reverie Unveiled at the Clio Art Fair

The 15th edition of the Clio Art Fair is set to captivate visitors not only with visual art but also with a mesmerizing series of performances under the title "Confess Your Dreams." This innovative concept invites performance artists to share their deepest desires, untamed aspirations, and wildest dreams with the audience. As the fair unfolds, attendees will have the unique opportunity to be overwhelmed by haunting tales, whimsical fantasies, and inspiring narratives, all while being mesmerized by the sheer power of dreams.

The "Confess Your Dreams" program is a celebration of the limitless creativity of performance art. It aims to transcend the boundaries of conventional art and dive deep into the human psyche, where dreams and aspirations often lay dormant. The artists have been chosen for their ability to weave powerful narratives, creating a vivid dreamscape for attendees to explore.

The performance program features a diverse lineup of talented artists, each offering a unique glimpse into the world of dreams:

THURSDAY, September 7th:

  • Kym Bernazky, The Long Black Veil | 7:00 pm: Kym Bernazky's performance promises to take attendees on a mysterious journey, exploring the enigmatic world hidden beneath the long black veil.

  • Chanette Manso, Cha Projectionist | 7:30 pm: Chanette Manso's presentation invites attendees to delve into the intricacies of projection, where reality and dreams converge in a mesmerizing dance of light and shadows.

FRIDAY, September 8th:

  • Seraphina Cueller, Gone Fishing | 12:00 pm: Seraphina Cueller's performance offers a tranquil escape to a world where the pursuit of dreams is as simple as casting a line into the unknown.

  • AshleyCae Lee, When They Tell You | 1:00 pm: AshleyCae Lee's poetic narrative challenges the boundaries of truth and fiction, inviting attendees to question the stories we're told and the dreams we chase.

SATURDAY, September 9th:

  • Kledia Spiro, Breakable | 2:00 pm: Kledia Spiro's performance explores the fragility of dreams, reminding us of the power within us to overcome obstacles and break free from constraints.

In addition to the scheduled performances, a special guest artist, Rachel Goldsmith, will be showcasing her latest works throughout the entire fair. Goldsmith's ongoing performance is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of artistic expression, demonstrating that dreams and creativity are never static but continually in flux.

The "Confess Your Dreams" series promises to be a highlight of the Clio Art Fair, offering attendees an immersive experience that transcends the traditional boundaries of art. It's an invitation to explore the profound realms of human imagination and to be inspired by the boundless potential of our dreams.

As you step into the world of "Confess Your Dreams" at the Clio Art Fair, prepare to be transported to a realm where creativity knows no limits, and the power of dreams takes center stage.

*Written in Collaboration with ChatGPT


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