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Exciting Art Exhibitions in NYC: A Must-Visit Guide for Fall

The Guggenheim: "Only the Young"

Now–January 7, 2024

Installation View, Only the Young: Experimental Art in Korea, 1960s–1970s. Courtesy of The Guggenheim

"Only the Young: Experimental Art in Korea, the 1960s–1970s" delves into a transformative period in South Korea, spotlighting the innovative and boundary-breaking artistic endeavours of young post-Korean War artists. These creators responded to the evolving socioeconomic and political landscapes at home and abroad. This exhibition showcases approximately eighty works offering a unique glimpse into the expansive creativity of this Korean artist generation. Their pioneering efforts, which were seen as "Experimental" in the early 2000s, pushed the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Fotografiska: "Best in Show"

Now–January 2024

Double Pomeranian, 2012 © Dolly Faibyshev. Courtesy of Fotografiska

Discover the diverse roles our beloved animal companions have played in human culture through the eyes of 25 global artists. The exhibition features works by renowned artists like William Wegman, celebrated for his Weimaraner portraits, Walter Chandoha, the pioneer of cat photography, and Sophie Gamand, known for her poignant dog photography. The showcase aims to honor and recognize these enduring companions, exploring their representation as symbols of status, loyalty, compassion, and family in Western art and popular culture.

MoMA: Ed Ruscha "Now Then"

Now–January 13, 2024

Installation view, Ed Ruscha / Now Then, Courtesy of MoMA

I don’t have any Seine River like Monet,” Ed Ruscha once said. “I’ve just got US 66 between Oklahoma and Los Angeles.” MoMA is presenting a captivating collection of over 200 works, showcasing Ruscha's artistic prowess across various mediums. Drawing inspiration from American landscapes and popular culture, Ruscha's art evolved and reinvented itself which influenced generations of artists, architects, designers, and writers.


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