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Explore a portal to a new world: Ars Electronica 2021

Ready for a New Digital Deal? Open up a Portal and embark on a magical creative journey of interdisciplinary arts and new technology with Ars Electronica.

Presented and curated by the Extended Reality Ensemble (XRE), co-curated by Vizmesh and Never Knows Better.

Panel Discussion @ Sky Rolnick

International interdisciplinary artist collective, the Extended Reality Ensemble (XRE), are delighted to announce they will be hosting the New York Festival Garden for this year’s Ars Electronica Festival at Culture Lab in Long Island City. Co-curators are NFT gallerist Vizmesh and the artist collective Never Knows Better. Dedicated to exploring the intersection between art, technology and society, this year’s theme is “A New Digital Deal”, subtheme “A Portal”, exploring the intimacy and accessibility of technology. How can we cope with the digital developments, get a grip on our problems, and at the same time prevent the increasingly obvious advances of powerful political forces? More than just making the most of the hand we’re dealt, how do we take control of and maybe even shape the deal?

Conscious Community@Sky Rolnick

Explore the full program here, including: A New Digital Deal, A Portal, AR Sculpture Garden surrounded by live music, International Garden Portals, Enhanced Poetry Workshop,Conscious Community, NFT On-Site GalleryNKB x Ars Electronica These and many more creative portals will all be accessed through our Digital Garden, which will connect virtually with Digital Gardens from other Ars Electronica participants from across the globe, further expanding our connection to each other in these isolating times.

OFFICIAL DATE: Sept 8-12, 2021 @ Culture Lab LIC, 5-25 46th Ave, LIC, NY 11101

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