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It's Official—Germany Declares Its Nightclubs Are Now Cultural Institutions

You heard it correctly in the title. It was May 7, 2021, when the German government decided to designate nightclubs and live music venues as cultural facilities. It does not stop there. Golf equipment and reside occasions venues are reclassified as “cultural institutions” due to the German federal parliament voting.

Leisure venues, as well as brothels and casinos are granted identical authorization as museums and opera homes (where they may afford protections that can make them much less weak to gentrification). In Berlin, you may find a prostitute with a PhD ((Doctor of Philosophy) at a brothel (where prostitution is legalized). It is understandable if you oppose the nightlife scene, because prostitution (indifferent cases) can lead to sex trafficking. Even women being at nightclubs can lead to prostitution.

Inside a Night Club in Berlin.” ©.Feb. 25, 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Meanwhile, full sex is not allowed due to the tiresome coronavirus restrictions, but guess what. Attendants can get a massage. Well, they would still be physically touching you. Honestly, thinking about it, you may wonder how that makes any commonsense, but some people view brothels the same way they view nightclubs. From the power of affection, to the welcoming smiles that brighten days, to the fresh air we breathe, and beyond, we are being ordered on what to do.

Last year, in July, several dozen prostitutes held inflatable sex dolls during a protest outside of Bundesrat upper house of parliament in Berlin. They were frustrated that continued restrictions prevented how they can make a living.The nightlife scene has a special place in many tourists hearts. There are actually people in their midlife crisis who have not ever been to a nightclub. If you tell me, your story is safe with me.

A crowd enjoying music at a techno club.” ©. Aug. 20, 2019. All Rights Reserved.

Before finding an aggressive reason to be dancing your way to Germany, we are going to fill you in on the pros and cons of the high-end nightclubs in Germany, being cultural institutions. Believe it or not, it took a year-long campaign by activists to protect nightclubs and live music venues in Germany. Let’s delve deeper into this topic. Here is what the Parliamentary Forum for Club Culture and Nightlife at the German Bundestag (Parliament) argued, “Clubs are an important part of the cultural and creative industry. (They are) entrepreneurial, cultural, social, and architecturally open spaces that invite you to experiment, encounter, and experience.” The Parliamentary Forum was simply advocating for change to the outdated law.

Hamburg, Germany.” ©. 2020. All Rights Reserved.

A cultural institution (also known as a cultural organization) is an organization with a culture/subculture, working for the preservation or promotion of culture. A cultural institution is a term used for charitable organizations and can have a broad range of meanings, like libraries and archives, museums, churches, and art galleries.


• The nightclubs in Germany will be viewed as cultural institutions (which makes

• clubs less vulnerable to investors, gentrification, and urban development)

• Clubs are the “pulse of the city,” bringing 3 million people a year to Berlin. Now, nightclubs can be viewed as a more serious place than entertainment

• If you had fun in a nightclub, you can just say you had a one on one experience with high culture

Untitled.” ©. Feb. 18. 2021. All Rights Reserved.


• It would be inappropriate to dance and drink in most museums, art galleries, or old-fashioned cultural institutions. You could drink in some poetry houses, but if you view the debatable topic of nightclubs in Germany as a cultural institution, it may not feel right. To some people, it is similar to view a strip club as a cultural institution, instead of an entertainment venue

• If you get intoxicated at a nightclub or flirt with women, many people view that as an entertainment venue.

Untitled.” ©. Feb. 3, 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Entertainment venues in the German capital (alongside arcades, casinos, brothels, and betting shops) are one of the many reasons tourists arrive. Certain nightclubs are protected from displacement (like concert halls, museums, opera houses, and theatres), giving them authorization to operate in different parts of the city. Also, the nightclubs are entitled to tax breaks.

Untitled.” ©. July 9, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Members of the cross-political parties led the charge, including the Greens, The Left, The Social Democratic Party of Germany, The Free Democratic Party, and the CDU/CSU (who founded the Parliamentary Forum Club Culture and Nightlife at the German Bundestag).

According to Live Musik Kommission (the Federal Association of Music Venues in Germany), the new ruling applies to clubs and live music venues “with a demonstrable cultural connection." Cities like Berlin are a major tourist attraction (important to the city’s social fabric with new real estate development projects).

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