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NYC art events I Apr 17 - 23, 2023

Here is our weekly Postcard from New York, in collaboration with Clio Art Fair!

New York City is a global cultural capital, and its art scene is one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world. From world-class museums to cutting-edge galleries and experimental pop-ups, there is always something happening in the city that never sleeps.

In this blog article, we will explore some of the most exciting art events happening in NYC, from blockbuster exhibitions to hidden gems, and everything in between.

Whether you're a seasoned art lover or just curious about what's happening in the city's creative community, this guide will help you discover the best art events that NYC has to offer.

So grab your calendar and let's dive into the world of New York City art!

1. In Museums

Gego: Measuring Infinity

@Guggenheim Museum

Mar 31– Sep 10, 2023

Gego: Measuring Infinity is the first major museum retrospective of Gego’s work to be presented in the United States, offering a fully integrated view of the influential German-Venezuelan artist and her distinctive approach to the language of abstraction.

Gego, or Gertrud Goldschmidt (b. 1912, Hamburg; d. 1994, Caracas), was first trained as an architect and engineer at the Technische Hochschule Stuttgart (now Universität Stuttgart). Fleeing Nazi persecution in 1939, she immigrated to Venezuela, where she settled permanently, fully embarking on an artistic career in the 1950s.

Gego explored the relationship between line, space, and volume through two- and three-dimensional works across a variety of mediums, refusing categorizations. She put forth radical ideas through her intensive investigations of structural systems: transparency, tension, fragility, spatial relations, and the optical effects of motion are all methodically addressed in her singular body of work.

Gego (Gertrud Goldschmidt), Sin título (Untitled), 1966. Felt-tip pen on paper. Colección Fundación Gego, Caracas. © Fundación Gego. Photo: Carlos Germán Rojas, courtesy Archivo Fundación Gego

2. In Galleries

Lloyd Foster: Double Double at WINDOW

@Anton Kern Gallery

Mar 16 - Apr 22, 2023

At 91 Walker Street, Lloyd Foster utilizes the storefront format to recreate a local West African market located in Laurel, Maryland, which he frequently visited growing up . Here the viewer encounters a sculptural simulation of a small grocery store, complete with a store attendant, a scale for weighing produce, an ATM, a meat counter, advertisements and signage, and an inventory of various specialty food products.

Lloyd Foster (b. 1990, lives and works in New York) is the son of Ghanaian immigrants and grew up in Maryland. While he and his family were part of an extended Ghanaian American community in the Washington D.C. area, a major turning point in his life occurred on his first trip to his parents’ homeland at age 24. Since then, and through repeated travels over the past decade in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania, the artist’s connection to his African heritage has deepened, and his exploration of self continues to evolve. Foster engages with a myriad of materials, including paint, insulation foam, sapor sponges, fabrics, netting, and much more, but photography is at the center of his practice. During his travels, the artist takes photos of people engaged in their daily activities, of vehicles, signs and buildings, and food and beauty products he sees in local shops. Certain photos are straight documentation, and others are posed. Foster’s attention gravitates towards sights, sounds, and smells that reminds him of his childhood.

Lloyd Foster, Double Double at WINDOW, Anton Kern Gallery

3. In Brooklyn


@The Painting Center

Mar 28 - Apr 22, 2023

The Painting Center is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Kristin Osterberg, Memories: Not My Own. Osterberg sifts through boxes and albums of old photos to find points of departure. Naively, often clumsily shot, they embody a certain authenticity nonetheless. People dimly recalled. Unidentifiable places occupied by siblings, parents, and grandparents. Forgotten childhood events. They’re springboards into an uncanny gallery of familiar and strange, remembered and forgotten, distinct and blurred.

Osterberg’s moody, painterly approach sets itself against the insta-compositions of social media. She edits and reimagines. She leaves faces unclear. She invents color palettes. She picks up on implications beyond the photographer’s intentions. These might be images from any family’s past.

Kristin Ostergerg, Grandparents, 2023, © Kristin Osterberg

4. Outside


@Socrates Sculpture Park

April 22, 2023 11am – 5pm

The annual Queens Green Day event is even more special this year because it falls on Earth Day!

Celebrate at Socrates with hands-on activities as we sow the seeds for the season.

Dig deeper and make soil in a composting workshop hosted by BIG Reuse. Take home complimentary bags of black gold to nurture your own seeds.

Join artist Mary Mattingly in the art of creating enclosed terrariums. Witness the intricate interplay of light, water, air, soil, and plant life, each element contributing to the other’s well-being.

The Makina Cafe NYC will be serving the best “habesha” Eritrean-Ethiopian food on four wheels.

Girl Scouts will hold a craft workshop, and of course sweeten things up with their cookies.

Socrates Sculpture Park


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