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Opportunities for Artists: Open Call

2nd Annual Winter Online Art Competition

The 2nd Annual Winter Art Competition is inviting artists to submit their work under the theme of the Winter's frosty magic. Embrace the tranquil beauty of snow-covered landscapes, the interplay of light on frozen surfaces, and the captivating essence of winter’s embrace as you showcase your artistic interpretation in this exceptional competition. Artists from diverse backgrounds, who utilize various mediums are encouraged to participate. This competition offers the opportunity to win the prestigious Best in Show award and a variety of prizes that will showcase your art practice.

Submission Deadline: December 31st, 2023

The Blu-Sky Artist Award (BSAA), is an international semi-annual grant tailored for artists seeking recognition, growth, and success in the realm of artistry. The prizes range from a $500 Grant, to featured interviews that will spotlight your talents and grow your creative network.

Submission Deadline: January 31st, 2024

Christian Henry Wechgelaer, Basement, 2023 Colored pencil, graphite and collage 9 x 12 inches, NFS

Cult Favorite's Fall 2023 group exhibition, "Broken Branches," is a virtual space for artists to explore profound themes encompassing nature, trauma and healing, the past, and hope. Artists are invited to engage with and showcase their interpretations of these themes. Submissions are welcome across a diverse range of mediums and practices which include painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, digital work, sculpture, ceramics, fabric/textile, photography, and mixed media. This exhibition is a great way to cultivate a following and spark a dialogue about your work.

From STILL, A Midnight Snack by Daniel Sackheim, photography

Indulge in the enigmatic theme of "Noir" as this online exhibition asks artists to dive into the shadows and unveil its allure. Defined by its moody and atmospheric aesthetics, this artistic genre thrives on the interplay of light and shadows. Artists are asked to play upon the tension, ambiguity, and emotional intensity through the submission of their Noir-themed masterpieces.

Submission Deadline: November 10th, 2024

EXPO 43 is an esteemed international juried competition proudly hosted by B. J. Spoke Gallery in Huntington, NY. Selected artworks by finalists will be prominently showcased in a virtual exhibition on the gallery's website throughout February and March 2024. The unveiling of this virtual gallery will culminate in a memorable reception and awards presentation via Zoom. This will provide artists with a unique platform to engage with a wider audience.

Submission Deadline: December 13th, 2024


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