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Pompeyo Curbelo Martin Comforts Us With His Art

Pompeyo Curbelo Martin (born in San Sebastián de la Gomera) is an award-winning Spanish painter. By the time Pompeyo developed a professional, artistic caliber, he was living in Vienna, Austria. His artwork is mainly influenced by impressionism and a movement called “Art in its new dimension,” which is an evolution of modern art. In his art, he explores socio-economic aspects in contemporary society and celebrates his origins in the Canary Islands.

From looking at Pompeyo’s work, you do not have to live vicariously through the characters displayed. You can personally relate to the characters because of the broad, emotional subjects he uses. While his artwork makes you feel a mixture of emotions, I think it is safe to say, it is his way of telling the world, he understands what they are going through. You do not have to feel alone when you look at his artistic work.

His works have been widely exhibited nationally Austria, the United States, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Argentina. While just being an emerging artist, some of his exhibitions include “The Gallery Steiner” in Austria (2018), “Expo Art” in California (2018), “ALCHIMIE Exhibition” at “Galerie Augenblick” in Kirchberg am Wagram, in Austria (2019), LUXEMBOURG ART FAIR 2019”, International Norman Biennial in Italy (2020) “Sixth edition of FIABCN” at the Museu Maritim de Barcelona (2021), “Diversia: Life” in Canada (2021), “Virtual Gallery of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors” in Spain (2021), and “Diversia: Woman in Canada (2021).

Pompeyo was a finalist in the “Artavita Art Contest” where he was within the top 50 in Sandiego, California, USA, receiving a “Certificate of Excellence” (2018). In 2019, at the “Concurso: Circle Foundation For The Arts,” he won the “CFA Artist of The Year Award 2018.” Also in 2019, he received an honorable mention as one of the best in the 2019 Edition of the London International Creative Competition. In 2020, he received the “International Prize Raffaello and Canova.”

In 2019, Pompeyo won the “The LICC Artist of the Year.” In 2019, his work was featured in THE BEST 2019 Modern and Contemporary ARTISTS. In 2020, his work was published on “Mood Contemporary Art Fair,” Contemporary Art Curator, Art International Contemporary Magazine,” and “Observica Magazine SE 2020.”

You want the viewers to have their own interpretation when they view your art. Do you think adding a backstory to the art interferes with the viewers own interpretation?

I think that the viewer can know the history of the painting but the interpretation is subjective. All the paintings have their secret, because the work allows various interpretations.

The coronavirus has affected many artists artwork. Many artists experienced loss of sales, delayed workshops, canceled openings, etc.. Obviously, from the oil on canvas piece you’ve done called “Coronavirus,” it affected you in some way. In what way has the coronavirus affected your art career? Your piece was published in “Observica Magazine SE 2020” and published by “Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.” “Coronavirus” exhibited in the “Virtual Gallery of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.” On May 27-30, 2021, “Coronavirus” will shown in “Tokyo Art Expo” at “Shibuya,” (which is widely considered the beating heart of the capital). Your work is considered to be a masterpiece of contemporary art. How many of your works will be shown in “Tokyo Art Expo”?

- It is clear that the coronavirus has affected us all both on a personal, family and professional level, but for me and my painting, the most important thing is not to forget all the people who have died from this disease. To think only of myself and my artistic career is to be a bit selfish. We have to be more supportive and less materialistic. It is a work that invites reflection.

In Tokyo I will show:

  • The Trip;

  • Coronavirus;

  • The Guarapero.

Coronavirus” This work is in memory of all the victims who have died from the coronavirus so that we do not forget them…

©. 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Your piece called “The Fisherman’s Wife” represents a bygone era of the families of the fishermen of La Gomera (in the middle of the 20th century). During this time, women waited impatiently and worried for the arrival of their husbands (who arrived after fishing). Fishing was a source of their income. Women were in charge of collecting the fish and selling them. They managed the homes of those families that with few resources survived (where social rights did not exist). “The Fisherman’s Wife” was published by “Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.” In what ways does this painting relate to you as a person?

This painting pays tribute to my grandmother. It is very important not to forget our origins and the difficulties that all the people of that time went through.

My grandmother always waited impatiently and worriedly for the arrival of my grandfather who brought the fish. She was in charge of distributing it and going house to house selling it. Life was very hard.They were very poor but happy people.

The Fisherman’s Wife” The fisherman's wife represents a bygone era of the families of the fishermen of La Gomera…

©. 2020. All Rights. Reserved.

What would you say is your career defining moment?

I think there is no specific moment but I would say that my development and evolution is marked by my career in Vienna, Austria, a decisive moment in my career.

We know that you’re an award-winning Spanish painter. We know that you’re incredibly talented and is constantly evolving in the art industry. Has it ever crossed your mind that somebody else is more deserving of painting the ideas you come up with? Who is your favorite artist?

Each artist is unique and each one has their own ideas, that gives rise to originality.

I have many favorite artists, but I could not say one in particular, because I would be pigeonholed.

Can you explain the process you use before creating your artwork? Do you use any references? We know you gather ideas from life in general.

The process is the visualization and observance of what surrounds us using daily life as a reference.

Are you a self-taught artist? Have you ever taken any art classes?

I think we all carry an artist within ourselves but it is very important to have a gift, something that differentiates you from the rest.

In my time in Austria, I have met many painters, awakening in me my curiosity and my inner talent.

I don't consider myself a self-taught artist. In Austria I have taken a painting course at the Geras AcademyinGeras, Austria, with the Austrian painter Christian Ludwig Attersee who I admire very much as an artist and a good person.

Your painting called “The Try” is thought-provoking. In the painting, people are overcrowded, standing on a small boat, which can make the viewer wonder if the boat will sink. Does this painting have anything to do with letting friends, family, and/or strangers leave your life, before they bring you down? The painting has a gloomy look to it and looks like the weather may change.

Interesting interpretation, I like, however, this painting invites us to reflect on life itself, on personal and family issues about the emigration of people to have a better life…. As I have said it is an interpretive theme, I do not like to influence the viewer.

The Try” ‘Life is a journey where people try to find their place, their destination, their place, their peace …

©. 2020. All Rights Reserved.

In “The Guarapero,” a man appears to be chopping down a tree with a picturesque landscape in the background. You have captured the atmosphere of hard labor with just one person like he is working while everyone else is still asleep. The man looks exhausted, in a stretching position as he swings the hatchet. His clothes are not the cleanest, but he does look he gets exercise from working. What is happening in this painting from your perspective?

The painting reflects the hard work of the farmers of La Gomera, specifically in the municipality of Vallehermoso, extracting the sap from the palm tree to make palm honey. We have to bear in mind that life in these places is not very easy, there is not much work or opportunities and many people have to emigrate, and the towns are becoming uninhabited.

The Guarapero” It is a great pleasure to inform that my entry has been given an Honorable Mention by the Jury…

©. 2019. All Rights Reserved.

Let’s say I remove my glasses. Now, I can’t see clearly. That’s sort of how your painting called “In The Gloom” looks. It is like when you’re playing with a professional video camera and the it goes out of focus. This painting is like waking up too fast or rubbing your eyes too much. It honestly looks like a woman with a dress on the other side, but it is difficult to determine. What was the first reaction to “In the Gloom” like?

Interesting, but it could also be the search for the knowledge of the truth, giving the vision of something mystical, they are feelings, of looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.

"The Gloom” It is an abstract work where the interpreter is the focus of attention, being part of the work.

©. 2020. All Rights Reserved.

One of your favorite works is “The Sky is Blue.” It gives the viewers a dreamlike vibe and represents meeting up with a loved one, where everything is pure blue. Above the woman (sitting on the bench), there’s a yellowish light covering the bench, which could somewhat represent the spotlight being shined on her. Parts of the man’s business suit shows where the light is directed, looking easy on the eye. This painting definitely captures impressionism, where the only people that matter are those that love each other. In “The Sky Is Blue,” so is the ground blue. What is the man walking on if the ground is blue. Is there a backstory to this piece or is it just something creative you thought of?

The story is that of a couple in love where time on earth ends up meeting again in heaven. Love can last a lifetime and part of another.

The sky and the ground is one for that reason the color blue.

The Sky is Blue” Heaven is one of my favorite works, I love it, it is a place of dreams and a meeting with the loved one, where everything is pure and true.’

©. 2017. All rights Reserved.

If you want to message Pompeyo Curbelo Martín or stay updated on his latest projects, you his social media accounts are here:

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