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The Power of Trust: Exciting New Exhibition Open at The Whitney Museum of American Art

Trust Me Aug 19, 2023–Feb 2024

An exciting new exhibition at the Whitney has opened and will showcase 11 diverse artists who will explore the concept of 'trust and also its failure.'

Trust Me is a collection of photographs drawn from the Whitney's private collection that evokes an emotional experience for its viewers. Images depicting romance, family, and friendship, highlight the intimate power of each of these relationships. Through a network of overlapping lives, the exhibition embraces connection and its many forms.

Laura Aguilar, Plush Pony #2, from the series Plush Pony, 1992. Photograph, Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney has curated an impressive collection of work that showcases a range of diverse and intergenerational photographic talent. Intimate portraits of close friends to passionate lovers are depicted in innovative layers of photography. The gallery chose to juxtapose the work of younger photographers such as Genesis Báez alongside more experienced photographers such as Laura Aguilar in order to create a fresh and inviting space for the viewer.

Barbara Hammer, Barbara & Terry 1972, Courtesy of Whitney Museum of American Art

Artists displayed in the exhibit include Laura Aguilar, Genesis Báez, Moyra Davey, Lola Flash, Barbara Hammer and more. The images shown range from staged productions to chance encounters as they uniquely invite the audience into everyday shared experiences that may be overlooked.

Lola Flash, 4 ray, 1991, Courtesy of Whitney Museum of American Art

The exhibition is organized by Kelly Long who is the Senior Curatorial Assistant at the Whitney Museum. While working under the shared theme of vulnerability, the artists are welcome to embrace happy accidents in their work, as the imperfections and unexpected yield a human quality that is very on theme with this exhibition.

Trust Me will be exhibiting from now until February 2024 and will be on view on the third floor of the iconic gallery.

*For more information, visit:

D’Angelo Lovell Williams, Nah, 2018, Photograph: Denis Y Suspitsyn, Whitney Museum of American Art


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