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5 Virtual Reality Applications for Art Lovers

Article by Caroline Haller

Are you an artist looking for a creative outlet or an art history aficionado? Maybe you are a bit of both? Either way this list is for you!! Virtual Reality is the new hype, and the applications have unique uses across disciplines including education, arts and culture and even science and technology. Today, I compiled a list of 5 Virtual Reality applications that are a must have if you love art, culture and history. These five will help inspire you, teach you and give you an outlet for design and creation. Don’t have a VR Machine? Don’t fret! Many local libraries are beginning to carry them, and people can go in and use them. Check your local libraries or local universities. Also, an easy low-cost way to get into VR is to pick up Google Cardboard. It costs just 9.99 on Amazon and pairs with your smartphone.

1. Wander/ Google Earth

Platforms: Oculus Quest/ HTC VIVE/ Oculus Rift/ Rift S

About: Wander or Google Earth the classic Virtual Reality application is the world explorer app. Walk the streets of Paris, then walk through the Louvre, now in 3D and virtual reality. Many museums upload walkthroughs of their permanent collection as well as new exhibitions. Below is an image from my own virtual reality tour of the Tate London!

So, get in front of the art from the comfort of your couch!

2. YouTube

Platforms: All


Similar to Wander and Google Earth, YouTube’s Virtual Reality videos are a place to experience art, culture and history in VR 360 video. From exploring an Egyptian Temple in 3D or getting inspired by watching an artist paint, YouTube VR has hours of endless inspiration, art, history and culture to explore.

With YouTube you can also create! You can learn, get inspired, and then create your own videos to help people experience your art in Virtual Reality. Get started on any VR platform!

3. Google Arts and Culture

Platforms: Google Play Store/ Google Cardboard

Another way to dive into art and art history is through Google Arts and Culture. Many of us are familiar with Google Arts and Culture on the web, but here, in VR, you can explore those same works in a museum-like setting!

4. Tilt Brush

Platforms: Oculus/ Oculus Quest, Vive, Google, PlayStation, Windows Mixed Reality

Tilt Brush is one of the most utilized Virtual Reality art applications. It is accessible and allows you to paint in 3D! You can walk around your art and paint 360. In addition to having many brushstroke types available the application is reportedly easy to use, both for beginners and for more expert artists. So, hop on and start creating!

5. Quill by Smoothstep

Platforms: Oculus Rift/ Rift S

Not only is It free to download, but quill by Smoothstep will bring your art to life! As a VR illustration and animation tool, it allows the artist to create fully animated VR films, 3D or 2D artwork in all kinds of styles from watercolor, or pencil to oil.


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